A46 Kaikash

Name: A46
Nickname: Kaikash
Gender: Male
Born: 1982
Mother: A36 Sophia
Father: Unknown
Pod: A1

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A46 Kaikash
A46 with scar on his dorsal
posted by janie @ 12:18 Category: Journal Cetacealab
Sunday 12 June 2005
Early in the morning we received a report of Orcas at the south end of Campania Island heading nortwest along the shoreline.It turned out to be the brothers but this time we noticed something different. As we idled parallel to them we noticed something on the right side of A46 dorsal fin but could not be sure because of the sun was shining straight on his fin from the side. But later we saw it again and this time it turned out to be for real. Looks like a big scar halfway down his dorsal with 3-4 streaks going up almost to the tip. Almost looks like he hit the rocks while chasing a salmon along the rocks. It must have happened some time between this morning and June 7th, because we did not notice it the last time. For those of you who can't wait to see them on the orca-live cameras in Johnstone Strait, we added pictures of them in our photogallery (whales).

A46 with a white scar at his dorsal fin