Name: A10
Gender: Female
Born: 1941
Died: 1983
Father: Unknown
Pod: A4
Offspring:Possibble A11 Yakat, A24 Kelsey, A19 (1973-1973), A47 (1983-1983)

Listen to the distinctive calls of A4 pod
A10 was the matriarch of the A4 family. Alexandra Morton wrote in her book "Listening to whales":
In 1983 A10 and her youngest calf, A47, where shot by a boater.
Researcher Dave "Eagle Eye" Briggs, the California-based researcher who perches every summer on a cliff across from Robson Bight, heard the gunshots. Dave flagged down a whale-watching boat, and they went to check the whales. As the boat approached, the whales turned and came directly toward them. The passengers watched in awed horror.
"A10 pushed her wounded calf to my side of the boat," Dave later told me. "We could se the wound oozing blood. It really seemed that she was showing us: Look what you humans have done."
A10 and her baby both died that winter.
The two sisters, Yakat and Kelsy, assumed the roles of clan
matriarchs while still in their thirties, a young age for orca family